How to prep for beginners

February 22, 2020

The first thing you should do is create an emergency fund. Unexpected car repairs, damage to structures, and personal medical emergencies can all drain your accounts or put you into debt. Your first goal is to have enough in your fund to live off of it for 1 month. Once 1 month is achieved, set aside a recurring monthly amount to add to your emergency fund until you reach 3-6 months.

Secondly, once you have 1 month of emergency funds saved and you're adding regularly to that fund, begin paying off debts. If you're already paying them off, pay them off faster. Always pay off high-interest loans first, and once they are paid off add the amount you were paying towards that loan to the next. Paying your debts off may require a change in your lifestyle. Eat-in, cut monthly costs such as streaming services, and reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption.

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