Backpacking Big Bend National Park

November 18, 2019

Backpacking in Big Bend

brought me so many new experiences. Day 3 of backpacking Big Bend National Park would be our final day inside the Chisos Mountain Range. The night before we ran into the largest black bear I've ever seen, and went to bed listening to every sound outside of our tent very carefully. As the sun began to rise over Emory Peak and touch our campsite in Laguna Meadows, we were awoken by movement just outside our tent. Expecting our bear friend to have returned, I quickly readied my tools. Opening the tent door, I was happily greeted by 2 white tail deer less than 15 feet away.

Being 27 degrees out, I had not wanted to get up in the night to use the restroom, so I decided now was the time. The deer in Big Bend are so tame! They did not move an inch as I climbed out of the tent and walked passed them.

Temperatures below freezing in Big Bend

make for a fun breakfast eating experience. Metal pots, cold water, and a brisk breeze meant that as I poured my ration of water for breakfast into the pot, the water froze! Living in Texas for 7+ years now, I can say that it has been a while since I had dealt with frozen water while camping. Thankfully the stove we had was up to the task and quickly boiling water for our meals. While I waited for my breakfast to reconstitute, I flew my drone up from our campsite in Laguna Meadows to Emory Peak.

Hiking down the mountains at Big Bend

brought us new views even yet. Having summited the Pinnacles Trail on our way in, we got brand new views as we descended the Laguna Meadows Trail all the way back down the the Chisos Basin trailhead. Backpacking in Big Bend isn't the only way to get this experience! Being a Saturday, we met numerous day hikers on their way up to summit Emory Peak or hike along the famous South Rim Trail. We also saw a beautiful grey fox and many birds. We got to hike through soft, dark volcanic soil and even got new extreme views of the Chisos peaks as we descended deep into the canyons that Big Bend has to offer while backpacking.

In total, backpacking down from Laguna Meadows was approx 4.5mi, but only took about 2 hours. Downhill goes so much quicker than up!

Big Bend Backpacking

offers diverse and amazing experiences. From the wildlife to extending views I am 100% sure that you will find a more Nature Connected Life awaits you should you take the time to visit.

While this brings us to the end of our backpacking portion, we now get to pick up the story as Garrett and I prepared to conquer Big Bend off road - drive across the entire southern end of Big Bend National Park, some 60 miles!

Day 2 -Backpacking The Chisos Basin

Day 3 - Off Road in Big Bend

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